THE FANTASTIC PLANET (La Planète sauvage) Large Czech Film Poster

THE FANTASTIC PLANET (La Planète sauvage) Large Czech Film Poster

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Original Czech movie poster for René Laloux's Fantastic Planet (La Planète sauvage).

A beautiful surreal and rare version of a poster from Czechoslovakia by Alexej Mrazek.

"Fantastic Planet" (or "Planete sauvage" in French) is a 1973 French-Czechoslovakian animated science fiction film directed by Rene Laloux. The movie is set in a distant future where human beings are treated as pets or pests by a race of giant blue humanoid aliens called Draags. The story follows a young human boy named Terr who tries to escape his captivity and incite a revolution among his people. The film is known for its surreal visuals, intricate soundtrack, and thought-provoking themes of oppression and cultural clash.

SIZE APPROX: A1 | Large Czech | 33″X24″
MOVIE ORIGIN: France, Czechoslovakia
AUTHOR: Mrazek Alexej
ORIGINAL TITLE: La Planète sauvage, Divoka planeta
DIRECTOR: René Laloux
GENRE/SPECIAL INTEREST: Animation, Fantasy, Sci-fi
Note that this poster was folded at one time but has been laying flat for a long time and will be sent rolled in a tube.
CONDITION: Very good

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